Thermite Theories and Myth Creation


Truth is always the idol of opposing sides, but seldom a party to either cause. The educated will seek the truth some where between the extremes; the irrational in their own back yard. Although I consider myself a Truther, I am not blind. I see myth creation in all conspiracy theories, and thermite is no different.

Evidence for the existence of thermite involves, as I’ve stated before, mostly photographs and eyewitness accounts. These things are passed along, interpreted, represented and misrepresented according to the views of each propagandist. Because of this, it is important to consider more than just the perspective most appealing to our existing bias.

Take for example this photograph.

It is a picture of several emergency workers huddled around a bright light at ground zero. They are all looking down, at, or into something unseen to the audience. In other words, the subjects on film can see something the picture cannot communicate to the viewer. This photo is one that is posted in support of the thermite theories. It’s a powerful image within this context, presented as fire fighters looking down into a hole or furnace filled with molten steel. Indeed this photograph can capture the mind. Still, to someone that finds the thermite theory unappealing, the photo might be something much more innocuous.

The magic of video reveals something entirely different.

This video clip offers a different view of the same image, but also something more due to the inherent nature of the medium. Within the shot is a similar, if not the same, scenario of emergency workers looking over a light. The shot tightens and holds to reveal a powerful flashlight as the source of the light that once gave the illusion of extreme temperatures. Clearly not evidence in support of molten steel.

While this does “debunk” a piece of the thermite theory, the pitfall is to assume the entire theory is supported by the same kind of misinterpreted evidence. There are other pictures, and other kinds of evidence that should receive the same critical attention, as should all theories around 9/11. In this case, the truth is not on either side, but more in the middle.


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